Reactive Programming Weekly April 7 – 13, 2014

Reactive Programming Patterns in Akka using Java 8

Using Akka with the new Java 8.

ReactConf Day 1 and Day 2

A summary of all the talks at ReactConf 2014.

Reactive Programming using RTI Connext DDS and Microsoft Rx

Rx4DDS.NET library integrates Microsoft Reactive Extensions (Rx) with RTI Connext DDS on the .NET platform. Rx and DDS are quite complementary because Rx is based on the Subject-Observer pattern, which is analogous to the publish-subscribe pattern of DDS.

Functional Reactive Programming with RxJava

Ben Christesen’s talk at GOTO Aarhus 2013 about how the Netflix API uses RxJava.

“I took a coursera course on Reactive programming a few months ago and honestly I struggled through parts of it…”

A short blog post by Daniel Gempesaw about Reactive Programming and a link to a video about Javascript Reactive Programming.

Reactive Design, Languages and Paradigms

A PDF of Dean Wampler’s talk at ReactConf 2014.

Erik Meijer – What does it mean to be Reactive?

Video of Erik Meijer’s keynote at the ReactConf 2014.

A (Dead End?) Arrowized Dataflow Parallelism Interface Attempt

Justin Le talks about his most recent semi-failure — implicit dataflow parallelism through an Arrow interface in Haskell.

Reactive All The Way Down – Angular & Bootstrap UI

A presentation by James Ward on

From 1000 to 10k users per server – concurrency rediscovered with Akka

An introduction to Akka by showing how ZeeBox managed to increase the capacity of their servers from 1000 users to 10k users.

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